Campaign measurement and establishing clear KPI’s is a vital element of any media implementation strategy.

Town Wall Media have access to market leading software and systems that allow us to measure the short term impact of media investment

We recognise that evaluating campaigns over the short term, only provides an indicator of performance.  Consideration for ROI across the longer term is vital to understand the total impact of all media investment.  Therefore we work with clients and recommend partners who specialise in measuring and understanding  both the short and long term commercial returns from advertising.

TV Attribution

Using market leading software, we measure the immediate uplift in web traffic during a TV campaign and attribute response back to key planning metrics including, channels, platforms, sales houses, day-parts and day of week.   The response data is then used to plan and optimise campaigns, enabling key performance metrics are achieved.  The platform also provides clients with a live dashboard to track the performance  of campaigns in real time.


The integration of data with business performance metrics is a complex challenge for marketers, as the volume of data sources from both marketing and distribution channels become increasingly fragmented.

Town Wall Media work with clients to establish the best solution subject to their individual requirements.  Solutions can range from using excel formats to integrate a small number sources to the use of 3rd party software that will enable the integration, reporting, and visualisation of all data across multiple sources and formats.

Econometric Modelling

This is a mathematical modelling process that quantifies factors that influence sales and demand across all marketing communication channels. Not only related to media investment, consideration is required for all other factors including PR, pricing, brand awareness, competitor marketing, seasonality etc. This measurement is typically adopted by established advertisers, who are seeking to understand the wider implications on business performance of their total marketing and media investment.

Town Wall Media will work and advise clients on a suitable partner for any investment into econometrics.

Brand Tracking

Brand tracking can cover measurement of every aspect of your brand performance including awareness, market share, associations, personality, positions and loyalty. Tracking is flexible, and the research can be adjusted to client’s specific needs, whether it is to provide a pre-and post-campaign measurement or something more in-depth over the longer term.

Research from Ebiquity and Gain Theory on the longer term business effects of advertising, has proven that short term uplift in brand metrics such as consideration can be key indicators of the longer term ROI of investment into media.

Town Wall Media work with a number of partners who specialise in brand tracking and can advise on other areas including evaluating the longer term business effects of advertising.